“The Motherhood Collective brought me from feeling naive and discouraged to uplifted and empowered.” K. Siaulys

"The Motherhood Collective took me from feeling the crushing weight of loneliness to embracing my new reality as a mother."  B. Bailey

In our past six years of service our FREE programs have provided physical venues for tangible support and preparatory education. Thousands of women are finding community in the eyes of others who are brave enough to say “me too,” and strength in the collective power of setting aside differences to work toward a common goal: improving maternal health.

Every woman, from preconception to postpartum, deserves access to support and educational resources. This Mother’s Day, give in honor of the women in your life. Join us to ensure that every woman in Central Virginia knows: SHE IS NOT ALONE. 

"The Motherhood Collective took me from feeling alone, and sometimes lost, to finding community and support. " L. Scott

Our goal of $20,000 before Mother’s Day will enable us to continue: building strong community partnerships that increase racial and socioeconomic diversity; bolstering marketing to all Women’s Health providers in the area; implementing a new Adoptive Mothers Support Group; and developing strong educational and healing workshops.

"Thank you for being an ally for women. A model for support, building confidence, and education."
Lindsey P. Cawood, MPH, CPH, CHES
Community Health Planner & Public Information Officer
Virginia Department of Health
Central Virginia Health District


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